1 (and a half) days down

Working at Island Press has been interesting so far. I'm really adjusting to the "office" deal again, my last 2 years of work have been full of running around the city, etc... (see that blog)

However, it's a small office, which is definitely a plus. And they're all about dressing casually (aka jeans everyday). Oh, and I can basically pick my own hours (as long as I'm there for 10+ per week. Sweet!

So far, the word has been a little... lackluster/mind numbing. They're in transition of interns right now, so they weren't prepared with new projects for me. I've just been working on this author database so that they can do mass mailings to all authors/contributors for all the books Island Press has published since it was founded in the early 80's. Mostly, it's just a lot of copy and paste action.

Next week, they should have some more exciting projects that I can get started with. I'm definitely ready to do something more substantive! I feel that the learning potential for this job is pretty promising- with the economic situation right now, they've had to lay off a lot of their staff, so they're definitely relying on interns even more than usual to pick up that extra work. Good for me!


A New Semester, A New Internship

I am starting tomorrow at Island Press, an environmental publishing company. They publish mostly textbooks, but also other titles that are more geared toward mass distribution and reading. However, in addition to publishing, they also research and propose solutions to environmental issues. Island Press works toward greater public awareness of and involvement in these areas by hosting seminars, teaching courses, and sponsoring talks. As an intern there, I will be working with the Communications & Development Team. I'm not sure exactly what my day-to-day responsibilities will be, but I am excited to get started.