Major Change of Plans

It's been quite a while since my last entry, and quite a few things have changed since then...

...such as, I am no longer working at this job.

So, I guess that requires some explanation. Earlier this semester, I had two jobs - one at IP (Mondays all day and Tuesday mornings) and the other at A Wider Circle (Thursday and Friday). On Wednesdays, I had my two classes. Because of all the hours I was spending at work, it was making it really hard for me to keep up with the work for my two classes and my senior honors capstone. So, I talked to my mom and roommate about the situation, and eventually came to the decision that I had to cut some commitment so that I didn't go crazy/my grades didn't slip. Since dropping my classes was not an option, it came down to one of my internships. And, because I am working at A Wider Circle for credit (which I need to be a full time student, and therefore keep my scholarship and graduate), it had to be IP. I spoke with my supervisor, and explained the situation to her. Fortunately, she was incredibly understanding and said that she was glad I let her know what was going on. I was very nervous before talking with her, but now I am fortunate that I did, because I actually have time to do my work for school, as well as a little time to work out and just relax/regroup. Lesson I learned here: be honest with yourself, and about what you can handle. And be open with your supervisors at work, especially when you are a student they are very likely to understand if you need to change your schedule/hours. 

Now, this blog will be about my OTHER internship, at A Wider Circle. Starting next time.

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