End of the Road

This semester at A Wider Circle has been so rewarding. I have learned a great amount, and gained a ton of experience. But, most importantly, I feel like I have actually made a difference. It is an unbelievable feeling when someone comes in to tell you that they have been sleeping on the floor for months, as well as their children, but they are so excited because tonight they won't have to do that anymore. It is shocking sometimes the things we take for granted in life. My internship helped me to put that more in perspective.

After this internship, I definitely feel like the small non-profit is probably one of the best work environments imaginable. 

Unfortunately, things are coming to a close now. Graduation is on Saturday (eek), and then Friday, May 15 will be my last day officially as an intern. (Though, I'm sure I'll be in and out through the month of May dropping things off since I am moving! AWC is coming down to pick up our beds/chairs/dresser at the end of the month, but I'll probably take smaller things before then.) However, I'm definitely going to keep volunteering and referring people to A Wider Circle.

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  1. Hi Granddaughter.....Well, what can I say, but Oh My GOSH....I can't believe you are growing up and what a caring person you have developed into being. It makes my heart swell with pride to read your posts. I truly, truly....love you, Grandmall