Crazy Sunday!

We haven't been doing Sunday pick-up days in a while, since we have been getting more clients in during the week. However, lately, we've had such a great inventory of beds from Marriott and other furniture from the plethora of awesome donors that Alicia has been scheduling them. So this Sunday I went (along with my boyfriend) to help out! And it was ridiculous.

On top of having 9-10 clients scheduled for a span of 2 hours, we also had a group of about 30 kids from a youth group in to volunteer. Add on to that the fact that I was running the warehouse, and after 3 hours, I was ready to keel over. But, aside from the exhaustion, the day was great. Almost all of our clients showed up, and the kids were a GREAT help. They managed to move an entire warehouse worth of furniture in about an hour (I shudder to think how long this would have taken the staff/interns to do on our own). And they also got a lot of stuff organized, and help load client's vehicles. All in all, it was a wonderful day! And the ice cream truck even showed up...

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